Introduction to Omeka

Title: Introduction to Omeka

Instructor:  Amanda French

Omeka is a simple system used by scholarly archives, libraries, and museums all over the world to manage and describe digital images, audio files, videos, and texts; to put such digital objects online in a searchable database; and to create attractive web exhibits from them.

In this introduction to Omeka, you’ll create your own digital archive of images, audio, video, and texts that meets scholarly metadata standards and creates a search engine-optimized website. We’ll go over the difference between the hosted version of Omeka on and the open source server-side version of Omeka available at, and we’ll learn about the Dublin Core metadata standard for describing digital objects.

No special skills needed beyond basic web browsing, but do be sure to bring a laptop (not a tablet).

4 Responses to Introduction to Omeka

  1. Mike Baylor says:

    This workshop looks most interesting and I would like to attend. I’ll bring along my laptop.

  2. Samantha Parish says:

    This is another session that I would really like to attend. Thanks in advance.

  3. Eric Remy says:

    I’d like to attend this workshop as well.

  4. Monica McAghon says:

    I will be attending this workshop too.

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