Institutional Anniversaries: Strategies for Archivists and Librarians

I’d like to propose a talk session to exchange ideas, opinions, and share experiences with the archivists and librarians (of course others are welcome!) who have been involved or asked or expected to be involved with their institutional anniversary celebrations.

Every institution wants to tell its story with a “timeline”, oral histories, stories&memories, multimedia presentations, exhibitions, online exhibitions, coffee-table books, etc. and they all need photographs, publications, files, facts and legends, and other “cool stuff”. Who do they call? Archivists and librarians… When do they call? When they need something “yesterday”!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared or to be invited right in the planning stage? Well, as we know, things are not always perfect in the library world. So, please come to share or takeaway.

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About Ilhan Citak

I am the archives and special collections librarian at Lehigh. I am active in MARAC (Mid-Atlantic Archives Conference) I am a published author, poet on the side!