[Make] Sonic Boom: Audio Texts with Audacity and SoundCloud

I’d like to propose a session centered on collecting, editing, and sharing sound. Attendees can take an individual approach or a collective approach to the session: Bring a germ of an idea for that aural piece you’ve always wanted to make, or gather sounds from your trip to THATCamp and at THATCamp itself, and we’ll create a collective audio text about our little unconference. I’ll start it off with a quick-and-dirty how to, then we’ll make stuff. Here’s the nutshell version:
1. Gathering Creative Commons sounds (and how to pwn YouTube when you have to)
2. Editing and exporting in Audacity
3. Sharing and tagging audio files on SoundCloud (and how to make use of their interactivity feature)
So, if you’re interested in this session, think about your audio text or gather some sounds on your way to Lehigh and Friday at THATCamp, and we’ll mix/mash/layer/subvert like there’s no tomorrow.

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About Moe Folk

My research always seems to come back to the importance of style and ethos in digital realms--how it is achieved, how it can be utilized for good, how important the integrated meaning-making systems beyond just the alphabetic are for digital texts, etc. I edit for a digital journal (Kairos). As a poor sucker, I never even touched a computer growing up, but now I spend my time navigating the wide spaces between the technological utopianists and dystopianists in order to see how digital tools can help us become better at composing in a new age, connect with each other, and solve problems on the personal, local, and international levels.