Designing a DH Program/Specialization [Talk]

I’d like to lead a discussion that includes a variety of perspectives about what you would want to see in a digital humanities program, degree, or specialization at your university/college/school.

Some questions to consider:

What skills/tools/methodologies should be taught?  (To code, or not to code?)

Will the program be stand-alone, situated within a certain department, or have multiple centers?

What theory or background knowledge of the field will students need?

What career paths will the program prepare students for?

What institutional support is needed to create and maintain this kind of program?


I welcome any other interested parties to co-moderate.  I intend to take my observations from this discussion back to the University of Maryland, where our Digital Studies Colloquium has been charged with developing a plan for such a program.

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About Katie Kaczmarek

I am a graduate student in the English PhD program at UMD with experience in both high school and special education teaching. I am currently working with a collaborative research team from UMD and BYU to transform their live educational alternate reality game DUST ( into a replayable version, and to develop a second educational ARG to promote computational thinking.

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  1. This is a topic that interests me as well. Thanks for proposing it!

  2. Erica Yozell says:

    Great session proposal! I think we could also include those of us interested in gradually increasing the visibility of DH on campus and integrating it into existing programs before working toward anything stand-alone.

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