Join the Crowd: Hands-On Digital Humanities Crowdsourcing [Play]

This is a companion “play” session to the “talk” on crowdsourcing in the digital humanities. In this session we would visit various sites and contribute by reviewing menus, tagging photos, transcribing letters, etc.

We could share our thoughts informally during the process and more formally in a “debriefing” after our group crowdsourcing session. This is seen as a companion to the talk on crowd sourcing, but the two sessions could be compressed into one if necessary.

Possible sites on which to “play”:

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One Response to Join the Crowd: Hands-On Digital Humanities Crowdsourcing [Play]

  1. This is a great idea. I would suggest a fun crowd source exercise for the Lehigh Campus…we could use free Esri applications for the iOS and Android to crowd source photos of the art and architecture around Lehigh Campus.

    We could also use these same applications to conduct a digital (photographs) scavenger hunt on the Lehigh campus. We could do one session in the morning and one session in the afternoon.

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